Personal Deposit Slips

Written by Linda Alexander
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Personal deposit slips are a little bit different than those used for business. They are usually smaller, because it's likely that you will deposit fewer items than a large business would at one time. They also have your name and address printed on them, as well as your account number. Business slips would have a business name printed on them.

Placement of Pertinent Information

When you order checks, you usually have to provide the printer with a copy of a voided current check as well as a deposit slip. Printers need to compare the placement of all of the information. If it's not done in exactly the same place that your bank specifies, the checks and deposit slips might not scan properly. Then the tellers would have to process your deposits by hand.

If you find that your check orders do not come with enough preprinted personal deposit slips, you can order more. In fact, this is a good idea so you don't run out. It's a lot of hassle to have to hand write your name, address, and account number on a slip each time you go to the bank. Life is just easier when you have your own personal deposit slips.

If you're tech savvy, you can order printable deposit tickets. You can use these in your printer with your financial software or check writing software. This is another task you can automate to save time and trouble.

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