Portable Personal Checkwriter

Written by Linda Alexander
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If you are looking for a portable personal checkwriter, you have several options. Computer users can buy financial software that will allow you to print checks right from your computer. You simply order checks with your account information on them, then feed them into your printer when it is time to write them out. The software fills in the payee, date, and amounts.

Electronic Portable Personal Checkwriters

Another options for a portable personal checkwriter is an electronic checkwriter. Since a machine like this will probably cost between $200 and $300, it is probably better suited for business use, unless you write a whole lot of personal checks. But it is easy to operate, has an easy-to-read screen display, and will print on personal size checks. It helps with security so your checks aren't forged. What's more, it both embosses and prints an original check as well as two carbon copies.

Most people opt for a low-tech portable personal checkwriter, the classic checkbook. It is compact and easy to fit into a wallet, purse, or briefcase. You can easily tote around your checkbook and take it out whenever you need to pay for something. Also, it's been around for years and requires very little training to learn how to use!

If you are forgetful about recording the checks you write into a paper or software register, consider ordering duplicate-style checks. These are two-part checks that make a carbonless copy of each check you write. That way, you never have to remember to write down the amount of each check--it's already copied the instant you fill in each check.

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