Printing Business Checks

Written by Linda Alexander
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Printing business checks in the office has become possible thanks to recent advances in technology. The drawback to this convenient technology is that check fraud is rampant. Companies should use as many security features and procedures as possible to ensure that nobody tampers with printing checks.

To begin, check stock often has security features built in that prevent photocopying. Magnetic toner has been introduced, which allows for automated processing at banks and some retail establishments. The use of this ink provides another level of security. Most banks require it, although checks with regular toner can get processed by some banks.

Restricting Physical Access to Business Checks

It is also wise to restrict physical access to sensitive financial materials. Keep your check stock secured in a locked area. Control it so that only people who need access to it have it. Number your checks in a serialized order. Conduct frequent, unannounced audits to make sure they are accounted for. You can also set up separate bank accounts for payments over a certain amount. In other words, you can limit the amount for which checks can be written from certain accounts.

You can also put a lock on your printer or require a password to print checks. It is also a good idea to separate purchasing, check writing, check printing, and payment disbursements. That way no one person can write and disburse a check, and forgery is hindered. Separating the check writing and account reconciling tasks is yet another way to reduce check fraud and prevent forgery.

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