Quickbooks Deposit Slips

Written by Linda Alexander
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Did you know that Quickbooks allows you to print deposit slips on special forms? The older versions did not allow for this, but the newer versions will generate deposit slips or deposit reports. It saves a whole lot of time for anybody who deposits big batches of checks all at once.

Using Quickbooks Deposit Slips

Instead of writing each check amount onto the deposit slip, you can enter the total of all of the checks. Or, you can have the computer print each amount for you onto the slip. Doing it straight from your computer ensures accuracy.

Neither you nor the bank will make a calculating mistake when it is all printed right there in black and white, and the checks match up with what is printed on the deposit slip. If you only deposit one or two checks at a time, it might be easier to hand write the deposit slips. For most of us, however, using Quickbooks deposit slips is a major timesaver.

There will be no problems with the bank teller trying to decipher your illegible handwriting, either, since the computer will print the numbers neatly. Quickbooks has a lot of other features, which are too numerous to mention, that make it a great program to use for your small business accounting. Just know that you can now print your deposit slips right from your computer, when you have special forms and software to do it on.

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