Quicken Stationery

Written by Linda Alexander
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When you need Quicken stationery, it's easiest to order it online. If you print over 50 statements or invoices per month, you would do well to purchase this stationery. Different business forms are available, including invoices and checks.

Generic layouts are great for customizing the forms however you want. You can choose from letter-sized paper or continuous feed checks and invoices. They are made for your software, so they will be perfectly compatible with it. Of course, it's always a good idea to ask the check printer just to be sure. You wouldn't want to order checks and invoices that didn't work with your software.

Another reason Quicken stationery is so effective is that it's flexible. Instead of buying separate checks for payroll and bills, you can buy checks that serve different purposes. If you have an all-purpose checking account, the process of writing checks is even simpler because you don't have to deal with multiple accounts. Of course, if you have separate accounts, you can order different colored checks for each one.

Options for Quicken Stationery

Whether you choose to print one check to a page or to have three to a page is up to you. Vouchers make it easy to keep track of the checks you print--one is for your records, while the other is for your supplier or employee. Be sure that whatever website you order from has secure ordering to avoid fraud.

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