Side Tear Personal Checks

Written by Linda Alexander
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One of the more common styles of checks are side tear personal checks. These are wallet-style checks that are perforated on the left side. This way, you can easily tear off the check you need, and write your balance on the stub next to it.

Top or Side Tear Personal Checks

If you don't want side tear personal checks, you can opt for top-perforated checks. The only drawback to these is that they don't have a stub attached, so you will have to write the check information into your register or enter it into your financial software. With side tear personal checks, there is also less chance that you will rip them, since you are tearing them from the smaller side of the check.

No matter what your preference is for a personal check writing system, keep safety in mind. Thieves can steal your checks and "wash" them, then rewrite them for themselves. So be sure to write on the whole length of each line, draw lines across any spaces you leave open. That way, there is less room for thieves to alter the information you put down, just in case they intercept the mail and steal your checks.

Also, if you order checks and don't receive them within the shipping time specified, call the check printer to confirm your order. It may be that somebody has stolen your mail! If this is the case, you will have to cancel your account and start all over again, to prevent them from stealing your money and forging your checks.

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