Voucher Checks

Written by Linda Alexander
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Check vouchers serve as receipts that you have paid for something. In most cases, they are used in business to business transactions, such as companies purchasing supplies or paying employees with payroll checks. Payroll vouchers, for example, record the amount of the check and any deductions taken for federal, state and local taxes or social security.

Voucher checks also come in handy when companies pay their employees through direct deposit. Mailing vouchers to employees serves as hard copy proof that the employee was paid, since electronic payments can sometimes be hard to track. Also, many people just feel more comfortable having a "receipt" that proves they were paid.

Other Uses

Business people also record vouchers for their own record keeping purposes. When a company pays them by check, for example, they might file the voucher somewhere as a record that the payment was received. That way, if there is ever a dispute with the bank, they have proof that they had the actual check.

Voucher checks are essential to any business that writes a lot of checks. In my opinion, you can't keep too many records. Having things written down in a place that is easy to find helps keep you organized. It also makes it easier when you need to go back and look something up because you will find the exact amount of payments and deductions recorded on the voucher.

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