Wallet Size Business Checks

Written by Linda Alexander
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One of the beginning steps to starting a new business is to open a business checking account. To do this, you will need your federal tax ID number, which in many cases of small businesses is your social security number. You might also obtain an EIN, which is a business tax ID number. You will also need an address to open your account.

Select an account at a commercial bank that is close to your place of business and convenient to get to. A smaller branch will give you more personal service, while doing business at a commercial bank will provide you with the resources you need as your enterprise grows. Since you will spend a lot of time there, having it located near your office makes it more convenient to make frequent trips there. Get to know your bankers in case you ever need their help.

Order standard, wallet-sized business checks to begin. You can even order the kind that are in duplicate form, because they work well when you are in a hurry and help you build a paper trail. The extra expense for the carbonless copies is well worth it. It will be easier to locate missing transactions when you forget to record them in your register.

Where to Buy Business Checks

There are many places to purchase wallet-sized business checks. You can get them through your bank, although these will be pricey. You can also buy them online. Online printers tend to be more convenient, ship faster, and offer better prices.

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