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Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Business Copier for a Busy Workplace

A business copier is an indispensable item in today's work setting. A simple observation of the constant use an office copy machine gets illustrates its central importance to communication in any organization. Such an essential machine must be a workhorse--durable and reliable, with outstanding performance.

Brands such as Canon and Sharp stake their reputation for excellence on manufacturing copiers that consistently meet the highest standards. These companies understand full well that a busy office does not have time to deal with a business copier that repeatedly breaks down. They also are aware of the competitive nature of the business of manufacturing copy machines that produce clear, clean images.

Used Copy Machines Give Same Results

Brand names cost a lot of money, however--$6,000 and $15,000 for a basic-function, black-and-white copier and much more for any color copier. High-end black-and-white units can reach $25,000; color units can be as high as $55,000. Of course, getting optional features--which are very convenient--adds to the price tag.

There is no good reason to add unnecessary expenses to any business, but small businesses, especially, must watch their budget carefully. Any savings increase the likelihood of the survival of the business. Buying a business copier need not break a budget when used machines are readily available at a greatly reduced cost for the same high-quality performance.

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