Discount Copier

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Discount Copier Is an Asset

A discount copier enables even the most budget-conscious owner/manager to have this valuable machine in the office. A new copier machine might be prohibitive for many start-up businesses, but a discount copier shaves thousands of dollars off the price tag. If you have a new business, or a business in the early stages that is not yet making a large profit, look into getting a used copy machine.

Maybe you have experience with a particular brand of copier, but think you can't afford it because you know the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Perhaps a new one is out of reach, but a refurbished copier may not be because of the greatly reduced price tag. Brand-name, used copiers are offered by online suppliers who select only low-usage machines for refurbishing.

Choose the Right Model

Take stock of just what features you need, and those you can do without. If your business is small, you probably do not need such items as an automatic document feeder that is standard on more expensive models. Network printing will go unused, as will a 20-bin stapler/sorter.

What you may find satisfactory is a discount copier that has a monthly volume of just a few thousand copies. You undoubtedly do not need to pay for a high-speed output of 60 or 80 pages-per-minute that is suitable for high-volume settings. All the major brands manufacture basic copiers with standard features that are a great convenience for any small business.

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