Discount Copy Machine

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Discount Copy Machine Protects Budgets

A discount copy machine can enable a small business that is operating on a shoestring to have the convenience of its own copier. Outsourcing any copying, but especially color copying, is expensive, and a start-up business may not have the funds. By purchasing a refurbished copier, the business gets excellent performance at a bargain price.

With the variety of models manufactured by well-known brands, there have to be several that are appropriate for any office, workplace, or corporation. Whether there is a need for high-speed output or fast two-sided printing, modern copy machines provide the built-in technology that makes it happen. In addition, a discount copy machine brings a significant price break into the deal.

Mid-Level and High-Level Machines

Aside from the color and/or black-and-white decision, the most important is probably about the volume capacity of a photocopier. Any unit will wear out faster than necessary if its capacity is exceeded regularly. Look at the specifications of each copier carefully for the monthly copy volume indication.

A copier with a monthly volume of 100,000 will not be able to handle an actual volume of 200,000 copies very long. Some machines have a monthly rate of only 20,000 or 30,000. To ensure that any new or discount copy machine provides the performance it promises, make certain you get the machine that is adequate for your business needs.

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