Office Copy Machine

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Office Copy Machine with Multiple Features

An office copy machine gets a lot of work, so it must be able to meet the demands of the workforce. This is why it is so important to match the machine with the office, so the copier does not have fancy features that are never used, yet has all the features considered a must by the office staff. A mid-volume copier, for instance, would simply not stand up to the needs of a high-volume setting.

Fortunately, copy machines come with an array of features that makes them suitable for every business group. In a mid-level group, high speed may not be crucial, but sharp images may be if important documents are prepared, collated, and distributed by the office. In order to facilitate this production, several features would be most convenient, such as an automatic document feeder, which is standard on the Canon NP6551, but optional on most mid-level copiers.

Consider the Optional Features

Any office copy machine must be user-friendly, convenient to supply, and adequate for the output of the setting. If budget considerations force the purchase of a copier machine that is only temporarily suitable, examine the expandable and optional possibilities for future reference. These may well enable you to keep your present photocopier longer.

Paper trays are often expandable, and this is important because it is a nuisance for employees to have to add paper frequently when they can be doing other work. Modular designs might make a particular office copy machine usable longer. Optional features include network printing, scanning and faxing, sorters, finishers, and automatic document feeders.

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