Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Photocopier for All Needs

A photocopier is an integral part of the communications system of any business, but particularly corporations and larger businesses that have several departments or divisions. Phone calls, of course, relay immediate questions and answers, but when documents or documentation is necessary, copy machines come to the fore. These essential links in preparation and presentations are the foundation of meetings and record keeping.

Even a start-up business, however, must keep records of letters to and from customers, bills paid or disputed, and documents related to the business. In fact, it is all but impossible to conceive of a modern enterprise, school, organization, or group that does not have or need a photocopier. Manufacturers of copy machines offer a wide range of features and functions--as well as prices--to accommodate the needs of any business.

Consider a Used Copy Machine

Although indispensable, a new copier costs anywhere from a few thousand dollars for a basic, black-and-white model, to tens of thousands of dollars for the best color machine. Not all enterprises can afford such a big chunk of money to spend on just one office machine. What makes good business sense is to look at remanufactured copiers, which offer a huge reduction in price over new ones.

Each used photocopier is completely taken apart and cleaned, with new parts replacing worn ones. Guaranteed to perform as well as the new model, a used copier meets the standards set by the brand-name company whose name it still bears. A used Canon copier, for example, will perform like its new counterpart, but it costs much less to acquire.

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