Ricoh Copier

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Modular Ricoh Copier

A Ricoh copier is built for years of use, both in its technology and its physical design. Even a used copy machine is a big investment, especially for start-up and small businesses. With this in mind, Ricoh manufactures modular machines that can grow with your business.

The Ricoh 220 and 270 are modular, black-and-white copiers with 600 dpi resolution and a 256-level grayscale. You can add digital faxing, scanning, and network printing/scanning features. Bristling with convenience features is the 450e, with digital imaging, network printing/scanning, and a vertical paper path for faster production.

Super Production Capabilities

For a high-volume unit, look at the 650, a business copier that has a 6,000-sheet paper capacity and a unique, tandem paper feed. An optional stapling finisher with 3-hole punch adds one more convenient touch to an already great machine. At 65 pages-per-minute, and a monthly volume of up to 200,000 copies, the 650 is a Ricoh copier built for heavy use.

Taking networking document production to a new level is the 1035/1045, which is operated by office management software. This Ricoh copier can archive 2,000 documents, and has a zoom capability of 25-400% in steps of 1%. With a resolution of 600 dpi and a 256-level grayscale, this photocopier can handle the most complex assignments.

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