10 Key Test

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you're looking for a data entry job, you'll need to master the use of the 10 keys, in order to pass your 10 key test with flying colors. These 10 keys are so much a part of data entry work, that often employers refer to data entry jobs as "10 key positions." Whether you work for a private organization or a data entry service, you will certainly be tested for competence before you are employed. The tests you will be asked to do include the 10 key test.

The "10 keys" refers to the digital keys to the right of your computer keyboard. They are the same as the keys you would find on an old fashioned adding machine, and are primarily used for technical work and data processing. If you want to learn 10 key data entry in order to prepare yourself for a 10 key test, you have several options. Either you can read about it online and prepare yourself by practicing at home, or you can opt to join up for a course.

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You could even get employed somewhere on the understanding that you will learn quickly and agree to take the 10 key test at a certain date. It could be difficult to persuade an employer that you are worth taking a chance on, particularly if he or she is in a hurry to get work done, but if you can impress them with your other skills and your enthusiasm, you may be in with a chance. Worth a try anyhow.

If taking a course to prepare yourself for the 10 key test is out of the question because your finances are limited, then don't worry. You can do very well by reading what needs to be done and practicing at home. The important thing when applying for any job is appearing interested and committed to achieving high standards. These are characteristics that are sure to impress any boss.

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