Ad Hoc Reports

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Ad hoc reports are highly flexible data analysis tools that allow a user to create an independent report. These reports will let users define the layout, content, calculations, groupings, and variances to be included. An ad hoc report will likely not include any pre-defined requirements as most reports are created "on the fly." One should be able to create reports through simple point and click processes but there are basic steps involved with creating a report.

Creating Ad Hoc Reports

The exact steps involved with creating an ad hoc report will vary for different software programs. Even though the exact steps may be different for each software program, each program follows a basic process. The first step to the process simply involves creating a title for the report.

The second step to the process involves selecting elements that will be used as filters for gathering data. Filters will clear out any data that is not relevant to the report query. The third step is to choose data elements that will be included into the report. For example you may want use January sales as a filter and include elements such as sweaters and shoes. The basic final step is to submit the report and await the results.

The above steps are the very basic steps to creating an ad hoc report. There may be other, more detailed steps involved depending on the software program and intentions of the report. Finding data elements is made available through the easy to understand interface of the software program. Since ad hoc reports are intended to be created by individuals without the help of technicians the programs are all easy to understand modules.

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