Analysis Server Cube

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Data cubes are databases that include multiple dimensions in the database. A dimension is a descriptive category within the database. For example, a type of shoe can be a dimension in a data cube. Data cubes allow users to store multiple dimensions in the same database. Cubes also allow users to create reports that can show the relationship between multiple dimensions.

A server is a software application that is used to request, locate and analyze data from a cube. A common type of server is the SQL server or Structured Query Language server. This server will allow users to identify query factors that can be located in the data cube. The server performs the analysis and returns the results in a matter of seconds for simple queries.

Cubes can be accessed through local networks or through the Internet. Large corporations that have computer networks installed throughout the facility will benefit from having cubes available through the network. Allowing employees access to data cubes will foster an environment of free flowing ideas. Internet access to data cubes allows users across the globe to access data cubes. The high flexibility of accessing data cubes adds to their appeal for business intelligence solutions.

Cube Structure

Cubes are structured based on the dimensions and measures. Dimensions are factors stored in hierarchal levels. For example a dimension may be a time table with hierarchal levels such as years, quarters and months. Measures are aggregates of analyzed dimensions. A measure would consist of the number of sales of a product for a certain time period. Once the dimensions and measures are created for a cube the cube can be analyzed and manipulated using analysis servers.

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