Automated Data Capture

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Clerical and other office workers are increasingly finding themselves buried under paperwork. The amount of information companies want to collect for each transaction is huge and this results in incredibly large amounts of paperwork for office workers to analyze and record. Recording data is an incredibly time consuming activity if done by hand.

Not only does it take too long to record sales information by hand, but it is also highly prone to error. Data entry personnel can make frequent mistakes when trying to race through a voluminous amount of data that must be entered and analyzed. Human error like this can affect the overall profitability and performance of a company.

In today's market where information is king and it must be accessed instantly for analysis, many companies are migrating to automated data capture. Automated data capture is the function of sophisticated software programs. The software is able to capture point of sale information with each transaction and record it instantly and accurately for later review and manipulation by managers and executives.

Benefits of Automated Data Capture

There are many benefits a company can realize through automated data capture. Automating the data collection process has a tremendous impact on the overall efficiency of an organization. Increasing efficiency results in lower costs and greater profits. Automating the data collection process creates fewer errors meaning less time and resources are spent trying to correct those mistakes and frees employees to handle other more complex and intricate tasks best managed by human beings.

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