Automatic Data Processing

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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The latest character recognition technology has opened up a new world in automatic data processing. It is now actually possible to have a machine scan and interpret handwritten messages or characters and add them to a database. Although this is admittedly an amazing advancement, no one seriously expects that all data processing can ever be completely automated.

The human touch is an even more amazing thing, and can never be made obsolete by a machine, now matter how wonderful that machine is. So although we can look forward to an increase in basic automatic data processing, there will never be a time when humans can look to a machine for those wonderful human qualities of adaptation and innovation.

Character Recognition And Data Processing

The simple automatic data processing procedures that are presently available, while undoubtedly impressive, are simply a way of getting basic information copied into a database quickly and inexpensively. Those databases at some point will be used and interpreted by a human, and that fact we cannot escape.

The type of applications for which automatic data processing is already being used include store inventories, library systems, marketing initiatives, and some kinds of customer relations projects. Although automatic data processing may eliminate the need for a small number of personnel, the day has not yet come when it will be stealing our jobs wholesale.

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