Data Entry Business

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Increasingly, businesses have to process and store a rapidly growing amount of information. Data entry operators of all types ensure that the flow of data is handled accurately and smoothly, to aid the smooth running of the business. Although some experts have predicted a decline in the number of data entry jobs due to the increase in the use of personal computers.

But other experts maintain that the amount of data being processed will continue to grow, and thus create new data entry opportunities. Whatever does eventually happen, the data entry business will always need new operators, due to natural turnover anyway, as new workers replace workers leaving the industry. The data entry business employs a variety of different kinds of operators, and some of them may be skilled in two or more areas.

A Run Down Of Data Entry Skills

Data entry skills include word processing, 10 key, and other clerical duties. Whereas in times gone by all this information processing would be done using paper copies and files, now much information is processed and stored electronically. Data has really been cut down in volume to the advent of electronic filing. Data that would have taken several rooms to accommodate in the past can now be contained on a box of CDs!

As we have mentioned, the data entry business includes varied work and encompasses a wide range of abilities. Straight forward typing, or word processing, or keying in numbers on a 10 key require relatively few skills apart from accuracy and speed. At the top of the range however, a little more skill may be needed. Some data entry operators need to understand fairly complicated scientific, medical or legal terminology, for example, and workers tend to specialize in such fields.

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