Data Entry Keyer

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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After leaving school or after a period as a full-time house person, many people get jobs as typists, word processors or data entry keyers. These jobs have traditionally been regarded as a stepping stone to other jobs that have more prestige and pay more. However, good data entry operators, as all these positions can be collectively called, can now command a good wage, if they are highly skilled and fast.

Becoming a word processor or data entry keyer can be achieved quickly with a good set of skills. These skills can be acquired through high schools, community colleges, business schools, or even with the use of self help aids such as books, tapes and even online tutorials. Accuracy and speed are unquestionably the best assets of any type of data entry keyer.

Computers Are All Set To Rise Even Further

Although some experts predict the decline of data entry work due to the increasingly widespread use of computers, others think this may not necessarily be so as there is simply so much more data about these days. It seems that every business has a huge amount of data to be processed and stored.

Whereas in the past any word processor and data entry keyer would work on a typewriter or 10 key machine (adding machine), nowadays the most prized data entry keyer is the one who is the most highly skilled with a computer and software. Computers are definitely here to stay, so this trend can only accelerate. Before long, it will probably be impossible to get any kind of data entry work without advanced computer skills.

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