Data Entry Ohio

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Let's take a look at how outsourcing data entry works. Suppose your business is in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. You've gone online and found the name of a local data entry company. The price they quoted when you contacted them online sounds reasonable (you've already done comparisons), so you decide to give it a try. Now you've discovered that they can key data from a wide variety of sources.

This is particularly relevant to you because you were concerned about being able to transfer data from old computer tapes. The company's ability to work with this medium reminds you that you have boxes of index cards that contain data on old accounts you would like to recontact. Again, the company can do the job. Data entry Ohio is looking good.

Data Entry in Ohio - The Saga Continues

The next issue you discuss is how to transfer the raw data from your company to the data entry company. No problem here. Because you selected a local company, you are pleasantly surprised to find that they will actually pick up the data from your site. Almost before your people have dug out the tapes and index card boxes, the data entry company truck is waiting outside.

You're delighted. Finally, you'll be able to get caught up and will actually be able to communicate with those old customers! While they're loading the truck, you talk with the driver and discover that they accept deliveries every day from overnight express companies. And they can return the data the same way or they can send it via Internet file transfer. Data entry Ohio style sounds like a great idea for your company!

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