Data Entry Program

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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The easiest way of organizing and streamlining the storing of data is by using a data entry program. For example, organizations that have document image systems must perform data entry from the scanned images of their documents. In the simplest scenario, the images will need to be indexed for retrieval at a later date. With most applications data must be lifted from the images to be entered into a data entry program. The cost of this data entry process can be very high if the wrong data entry systems are employed, and if the indexing system isn't precise, all the work will have been in vain because operators will have to work for hours to put the problem right.

So without the right data entry program, that fulfills all the functions required of it, often unexpected labor costs are involved that defeat the object of having a data entry program--saving money! Let's take a look at the factors involved and see how excessive cost can be avoided. First it is necessary to have a program that maximizes the efficiency of your data entry operators. This can be done by careful assessment of each data entry function that should be a part of the data entry program.

Reducing Labor Costs

Labor costs are far higher than software costs, and choosing the right data entry program can greatly reduce the number of hours your data entry operator will have to work. The best data entry programs streamline the entry of information to almost nothing, and thereby reduce the possibility of error. They can also be devised to make the identification of an error easier too, should one occur.

Any data entry program worth its salt will be quick and easy to set up and operate, and will, as far as possible, minimize the risk of error. Maintenance is also important. This should also be easy and straightforward. Ask yourself some questions. How fast do your operators work? Do you even measure keying speed? What is your assessed error rate? What kind of costs are involved to find and correct errors? The old saying, "If you can't measure it, you can't fix it" was never truer than regarding data entry.

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