Data Visualization Software

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Data visualization software is designed to turn raw data into easy to understand visual charts. Software will create a chart or group of charts from data provided through a database. The charts allow for a user to easily interpret otherwise difficult to understand statistics. The software will keep information in context and provide an opportunity to properly utilize the information correctly.

Visualization software is used in a variety of industries. Hotel companies can use visualization software to track hotel occupancy across a geographical location. Energy companies can use software to gauge the potential of a possible well site. The National Weather Service uses visualization software to identify and forecast weather patterns.

Aspects of Visualization Software

The most important aspect of visualization software is it should be easy to use. Business owners, managers or engineers should not have to take time out of their busy schedules to learn how to use a program. Of course, with any new program there will be a training period but the amount of training necessary should be minor. A program that is difficult to operate will likely not be used properly and not offer its full potential.

Data visualization software should be able to be easily integrated into existing databases and networks. A company should not have to rebuild its network or information infrastructure to use visualization software. A good program will be able to be easily introduced to an existing network and be able to work with the current database.

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