Microsoft Sql Server

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Choosing a data storage and analysis platform for a company is a major decision and investment. Data analysis will empower decision makers with relevant information to make the right decisions about the future direction of the company. Without the right information companies will likely move in the wrong direction, causing loss of investment, revenue and profits. Microsoft has designed a data analysis solution designed to help businesses analyze and profit from corporate data.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL is short for "structured query language." SQL servers will take in search definitions, locate data in a database and create visible reports for the user. A SQL server will allow an individual to create standard and ad hoc reports. Ad hoc reports are just queries built by a user that do not require consistent reporting.

Microsoft SQL server is a database management application designed to streamline data analysis for businesses. SQL server is closely integrated with other Microsoft products such as the BackOffice family of servers. The application provides support for Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Internet based queries.

Microsoft SQL boasts a selection of other features such as business intelligence tools, data management applications and self-tuning and management capabilities. The BI tools are used to perform data analysis and mining and work with other Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Office. Data management applications include data management, extraction, transferring and loading tools. The self-tuning characteristics make the program easy to install, use and maintain to increase employee productivity.

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