Olap Software

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Businesses need to know what is going on in the company as well as in the market place. Running an enterprise can generate oceans of data that can be used to increase business knowledge. Analyzing and making sense of the data so it can be used to the advantage of the company can be a bit of a challenge. OLAP, On Line Analytical Processing, can create reports in a multi-dimensional view to allow users to easily identify trends inside the company and market place.

OLAP Software

In order to utilize OLAP reporting you need to have OLAP software. These software packages allow a user to gather and create data reports with clear visualization of the results. Software should be able to sort and create reports with a wide variety of input data. To accomplish this, OLAP software needs to be able to integrate a variety of databases.

Software should be easy to use for the end user. Business owners and managers have enough on their plates with running a company. Programs should be easy to understand so the owner or manager can take advantage of the powerful information provided through OLAP reports. A program that is difficult to use will not allow the user to receive the full benefits of multi-dimensional analysis.

In a fast changing market environment, real time information is a must. OLAP software will be able to collect data in real time and create customized reports. Reports can be created to view sales from a specified period of time. The report can be as detailed as breaking down the sales from one employee, a department or the entire company for the selected time period. Easily being able to update the database with current, real time information is an important function for OLAP software.

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