Online Data Entry

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Major corporations with far-flung locations have been using online data entry to track sales, inventory, and billing for years. Now outsourcing companies are offering online data entry services for their customers. This generally involves a simple connection to a mainframe from a remote location and can afford the customer the opportunity to access information quickly.

Online data entry makes the transfer of information much quicker and can even be more cost effective than keying the data, downloading it to a disc, and then sending the disc overnight. Online data entry can involve a key contact person at each end to discuss any issues as they arise and to make sure that the process is going as planned. Delivering your paper data to the service can be accomplished through whatever means you and the data entry firm negotiate.

Types of Online Data Entry

Online data entry of inventories, sales orders, and legal documents can be very effective because the data is quickly available to the customer. It can also be a good way to capture accounts receivables or payables transactions and is great for payroll. Entering and updating mailing lists is also a good use of the online data entry process.

With online data entry, you will most likely receive the information back in batch transmissions. When you need a fast turn around, this method can be very advantageous and will allow you to access the data quickly. Medical records are particularly suited to the fast return you can get with online data entry because of the necessity for accurate and up-to-date information.

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