Outsourcing Data Entry

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Outsourcing data entry has been around for years. For example, qualified people have done medical billing and transcribing from home or at data entry centers for over two decades. While it is generally a good idea to keep data entry functions in-house, there are many reasons and occasions in which it makes much more sense to outsource.

If your company is conducting a one-time customer service quality survey requiring a written response from hundreds of thousands of customers, you will most certainly want to avoid the expense of using temps, the cost of overtime for your regular staff, and the stress the extra hours would impose on them. Outsourcing data entry makes great sense in these situations. It is cost-effective, and data entry specialists will do the work for you.

Your Data Entry Project

You may have years of records that are taking over your office space, records that you want transcribed onto tapes or discs. Or you may need to do a database conversion to a new operating program. You might even want to outsource medical or physician billing or ongoing accounts payable or receivables entry. Long-term or ongoing projects can be outsourced with great success and can represent cost savings as well as the opportunity to make better use of your personnel.

Your company may want to conduct a response-driven sales campaign once per quarter. Or you may want to try a single process improvement customer questionnaire. You may even have seasonal concerns such as a huge increase in numbers correlating to the onset of each new college semester. Outsourcing data entry is perfectly suited to these types of concentrated data entry for critical data.

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