Point And Click Analysis

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Most individuals are not very computer literate. Multidimensional databases, structured query language, and extensible markup language are all terms common with business intelligence. The concept of multidimensional databases can be difficult to grasp let alone construct and operate. In order for a company to get the most out of their business intelligence program the technology must be easy to use.

Point and Click Analysis

That is where point and click analysis comes into play. A business intelligence program that requires the assistance of the IT department every time a user wants to use the system wouldn't be very intelligent. Software engineers have recognized the need for easy to use intelligence programs with point and click interfaces.

The software used in BI programs is typically used by individuals who are not software engineers. Well designed software will allow users to easily create database queries and reports. Some interfaces allow users to create queries by dragging and dropping desired factors into the query box. Once all the factors of the report are selected the user clicks "submit" and the program goes to work.

What is returned is an easy to read report that summarizes the analysis of the queried data. Most analysis programs will present the report in a clear visual representation of the analysis results. Seeing the results of a query in chart form makes it easier to identify developments in the data. Without point and click analysis the valuable information that is hidden in raw data may never be found.

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