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Written by Patricia Tunstall
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CAD Products for High-Tech Design

CAD products are all meant to enable professionals from many disciplines to use the speed, resolution, and precision of advanced technology in their work. Computer-aided design (CAD) is pervasive in the architectural, engineering, and graphic arts fields. Colleges and universities are offering degrees in such subjects as architectural or mechanical drafting using CAD.

With CAD digitizers and software used in designing ballparks, furniture, apparel, and products of all kinds, this technology plays a dominant role in an industrial society. Combining architectural or engineering interests with a high-tech career has become essential for those who want to keep that competitive edge. With the technology and the career opportunities have come powerful software and digitizers to bring to life the creative designs of these experts.

Software and Digitizers

Undoubtedly the most popular software program is AutoCAD, which is adaptable for multiple uses by professionals in many fields. When used in combination with Calcomp's Drawing Board III graphics tablet, this software offers high-performance capabilities for the most exacting work. This small-format digitizer is a leader in the area of CAD, GIS, and graphic arts applications; it carries out commands rapidly and precisely.

CADPro by Calcomp is another of the superlative CAD products meant to meet the designer's need for productivity. Easy to use, but powerful, this unit turns out work characterized by precision and optimal resolution. TemplateWorks is the accompanying software that is also designed to increase production of top-quality work.

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