Cad Software

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Obtaining CAD Software

CAD software is often quite expensive, although Calcomp's CADPro digitizer comes with its own TemplateWorks designed to mesh with the digitizer to increase productivity. Fortunately for the student or CAD neophyte, there are ways to obtain such software to see which brand or version you prefer. Free software and shareware are available on the Internet, as are full-featured demos.

Simply do a search for "CAD software" and you will find many sources for various kinds of computer-aided design (CAD) programs. It is not uncommon for developers of such software to offer free trial versions. While not full-featured, these versions will let you see enough and use enough of the features to see if they meet your needs.

User-Friendly and Affordable

Whether you need the most powerful program, or the highest run-time performance, you always want the most user-friendly features possible. Even an advanced CAD user does not want to battle the digitizers and software to get a good work product. The program should be adequate for your requirements and easy to install, configure, and use.

Affordability varies from person to person, and as pointed out above, you can sample many software programs to start making comparisons among them. Complex software that produces schematics, netlists, and accurately-scaled architectural drafts might be expensive, but if it is exactly what you need, then you might find a way to afford it. AutoCAD is still the leader in software, so consider this premium program along with the others.

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