Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Calcomp Products for Superior Peripherals

Calcomp is one of a handful of the world's leading manufacturers of digitized peripherals for precision work in engineering, mapping, design, and textiles. GTCO Calcomp was founded in 1975, and now supports over one million input systems throughout the world. Their products are available as some of the leading brand names in the industry.

Several digitizer boards provide outstanding performance with specific characteristics for various professions. Drawing Board IV comes in several sizes, and has a pen stylus for the transducer and a 16-button, high-accuracy, illuminated cursor. This item is designed to meet the need for meticulous data input over a large surface.

Technical Specifications

With resolution up to 12,700 lines-per-inch, this digitizer has the highest resolution, easily installed software, and programmable macros. Drawing Board III is a graphics tablet designed for small format graphics work. Whenever exacting computer-aided design (CAD), geographic information systems (GIS), and graphic arts performance are essential, this digitizer meets the demand.

This graphics tablet lets you get top performance from AutoCAD, Microstation, and any CAD system. Compatible with both DOS and Windows platforms, Drawing Board III comes with a pen stylus transducer, and your choice of corded or cordless pointing devices. Resolution is 2,540 lines-per-inch; it is plug-and-play, with easily-installed software.

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