Calcomp Accessories

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Calcomp Accessories are User-Friendly

Calcomp accessories are meant to work harmoniously with the company's digitizers to create a comfortable and ergonomic environment for the designer, architect, or engineer. All come with a pen stylus transducer, which converts pressure and drawings into digital code. Usually, you have your choice of corded or cordless pointing devices.

There is an array of these devices that are designed to give the user fast, easy access to menu options. With a maximum of 16 buttons, the cordless cursor is also available as a four-button, in-line cursor. Calcomp accessories include a cordless click-tip pen.

Devices to Improve Work Product

If you prefer corded devices, the click-tip-pen comes with a 96-inch cable. The 16-button cursor also has a corded version. A magnifying lens for the high-accuracy, 16-button cursor increases precision drawing. Illuminated, 16-button cursors often come with specific digitizers.

You have your choice of power supplies, 120 volt or 220 volt, although nearly every Calcomp digitizer has its own in the package. Specialized items that use the unique features of a product are included with the digitizer. The Freepoint 3D Sonic Digitizer, for instance, comes with a probe and remote calibration mechanism. Pen/cursor trays, pedestal mounting brackets, and optional serial or Universal Serial Bus (USB) adapters are all offered by Calcomp to make sure all necessary items in the proper configuration are available to the purchaser.

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