Calcomp Digitizer

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Calcomp Digitizer: Precision Data

Any Calcomp digitizer is guaranteed to provide top-quality performance in fields in which absolute precision is essential. Drawing Board III Backlit is one of the premier digitizers in this line. If you need accurate data input over a large, backlit surface area, the Drawing Board III Backlit meets these requirements.

Along with its technological twin, the Drawing Board III, this digitizing tablet has the highest resolution of any product--up to 12,700 lines-per-inch. The package comes with a corded, 16-button, illuminated cursor. You have your choice of a cordless or corded four-button or 16-button cursor, a click-tip pen with two buttons, or a pressure pen with two buttons.

The CADPro

Obviously designed for CAD professionals, this is one of the best desktop digitizers on the market. The CADPro is a small-format unit that swiftly responds to commands to turn out accurate, top-quality designs rapidly. When coupled with TemplateWorks software, which comes with it, this digitizer in unrivaled in its powerful performance.

Compatible with Windows and Mac platforms, the CADPro has a high resolution at 4,000 lines-per-inch. Programmable pointing devices are part of the package, and you have your choice of transducers. With easy setup and configuration, this Calcomp digitizer makes installation and operation comfortable and productive.

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