Calcomp Drawing Tablets

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Versatile Calcomp Drawing Tablets

Calcomp drawing tablets are among the elite of digitizers intended for use in graphic design. Drawing Board III, compatible with DOS and Windows, is a top choice for professionals who use the popular AutoCAD software. Fully capable of handling designs for ballparks, business centers, and other engineering projects, this digitizer tablet is unrivaled in its performance.

This drawing board also comes in a backlit version. For large-surface work, Drawing Board IV has the highest resolution available--12,700 lines-per-inch. This product comes in several sizes to handle a wide variety of projects in many fields, such as GIS and textiles. Typical of this line of digitizers, Drawing Board IV has a well-defined active surface with perimeter menu.

Products for Professionals

Calcomp tablets are all based on the continuing research and development of GTCO Calcomp, a company renowned for its leadership in the high-tech field of digitizing. CAD designers must turn out top-quality work products rapidly. Calcomp products are manufactured to increase productivity by incorporating the latest technology.

CADPro has a streamlined command system that enables it to quickly respond to commands. Compatible with Windows and Mac, this ergonomic unit is the perfect desktop size and requires no power supply. It comes with TemplateWorks, a software program that works with CADPro to turn out accurate, precise designs. All Calcomp drawing tablets are known to be user-friendly, with easy setup and configuration.

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