Calcomp Technology

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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High-Performance Calcomp Technology

Calcomp technology has incorporated the latest advances since GTCO Calcomp was founded in 1975 and obtained a patent for "the invention of the world's first absolute-position electromagnetic digitizing technology." With world-wide distribution of its products, this company is an acknowledged leader in the manufacture of digitizers. Used by the best engineering and architectural firms around the globe, GTCO Calcomp continually introduces new products to its prestigious line.

The variety of sizes, shapes, and features in these items is testimony to the thought that underlies the construction. With the specialized needs of professionals uppermost, Calcomp designs tablets, pads, and accessories to make work comfortable and the work product superior. High resolution and precision are guaranteed in each digitizer unit.

The Latest Products

This company has been a leader in large- and small-format digitizers for years. They have now developed a jumbo-format unit with a resolution of 2,540 lines-per-inch. Also new is the Super L III, a large-format digitizer with the same resolution.

Calcomp technology literally has something for everyone. If you need to work in the field, there are sonic and roll-up digitizers. For portability, look at these items, as well as the smaller boards and tablets. CADPro is the perfect desk size and needs no power supply, yet offers an abundance of features that make it a great partner of the most popular software, AutoCAD.

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