Construction Estimating

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Time-Saving Construction Estimating

Construction estimating is a major element in building any structure; it affects everything from financing to square footage. Without an accurate appraisal of linear and area measurements, architects, engineers, and surveyors would find it impossible to begin construction on any project. Fortunately, construction estimating products--digitizers and software--significantly reduce paperwork and manual calculations.

GTCO's QuikRuler is one of the most convenient instruments because it is portable and does not need a computer in order to function. It consists of the Roll-Up II digitizer with built-in measuring program and accessories. Easy to use, and compatible with the major estimating software, this is excellent starter equipment.

Variety of Functions

Whatever your field, and whatever your particular need in order to produce reliable estimates, software handles it. Some software specializes in building a dimension list so it can be replicated and reused on other projects. You can retrieve an area of a building or perimeter computation and have the digitized image produced for your viewing.

Other software is designed to deal with the requirements of carpentry, dry wall installment, asbestos removal, roofing, and flooring. Utilities companies will find trench estimation software invaluable for providing excavation quantities--bedding, backfill, total cut, and export volumes. Whatever the calculations necessary in your area of expertise, today's software has the sophistication to produce reliable figures.

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