Construction Estimating Products

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Construction Estimating Products Are Reliable

Construction estimating products bring flawless performance to the serious business of calculating volume, area, perimeter, cubic footage, or square footage in the industry. The powerful combination of digitizers and estimating software creates a work system that swiftly handles the most esoteric computations and then generates three-dimensional images of the area or section or building. By digitizing the mathematics involved, the process reliably quantifies necessary trenching, earthwork, or architectural concerns.

Regardless of the shape (columns, partitions), size (area topsoil, radial blueprint drawing), or entity (tiling, roofing), construction estimating products rapidly and precisely compute the required information. By automating the many tedious calculations that go into construction estimating, these products simplify the job of the architect, engineer, or contractor. They also eliminate human error, which is always a consideration in intense, complex mathematics.

Smart Menu by GTCO

Known as "The Estimator's Keypad," this instrument for professional estimators is intended to perform all the functions of more complicated digitizers while being more user-friendly. The Smart Menu simplifies the configuration of features so the operator has easy access to the various functions. This implement can be used with one hand while measuring with the other.

This streamlined unit does not have the traditional tablet menu, but utilizes a pressure-sensitive pad that works with any GTCO digitizer. Takeoffs are easier to perform because the keyboard and mouse are not essential. Perfect for use in the field, the thin profile of this unit lets it fit in a briefcase or laptop case for portability.

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