Construction Estimating Tools

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Construction Estimating Tools Facilitate Computations

Construction estimating tools save time and effort in the many calculations a contractor, engineer, or architect must make before a project begins. Increased productivity results from the streamlined efficiency and automation of digitized products. By precluding mathematical errors, these digitizing tools make the quantified estimates absolutely dependable.

Any field related to construction, from roofing to landscaping, can take advantage of the many functions and features of construction estimating tools. Digitizers and compatible estimating software do all the labor-intensive work of figuring volume, cubic feet, and area. Regardless of the complexity of the mathematics, digitizers quantify any item, and some software generates color-coded, three-dimensional images as the end product.

QuikRuler by GTCO

This amazing digitizer is intended to be a complete workstation for engineers, surveyors, architects, and any professional involved in construction estimation. Blueprint takeoffs are produced much faster, with greatly-increased accuracy. Light and portable, this unit performs in English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese!

One of the best features is its independence from computers--no computer needed. The Roll-up II digitizer comes with its transducer--a pen stylus--a pointing tool, a measuring menu, and an LCD display. If and when you want to upgrade to an estimating system operated by computer, you will find the QuikRuler works with the leading estimating software.

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