Dakota Digitizer Pedestal

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Dakota Digitizer Pedestal Means Quality

A Dakota digitizer pedestal is a top-quality product with a clean, modern look. Not only is it thoroughly functional, but it complements an office with its steel frame and contemporary engineering. Sturdy and balanced, with no extraneous pieces or parts, these pedestals are constructed for working professionals.

With a strong, stable platform, a Dakota pedestal supports any size digitizer, and allows the precise movements needed for computer-based graphics systems. If you are a CAD (computer-aided design) specialist, you will appreciate the pedestal's capability to adjust to various angles and heights. Even the monitor arms swivel and slide out for extra space.

Compatibility with Leading Digitizers

As an example of the well-thought-out design of this equipment, Dakota pedestals are compatible with all leading digitizers. This includes GTCO's Surface-Lit AccuTab, as well as all 44-inch by 60-inch tablets. Your investment in a Dakota digitizer pedestal means you have a versatile, adaptable piece of superior equipment that is durable and functional.

Ergonomically-designed, any Dakota pedestal offers incomparable comfort, for it adjusts to any user height or monitor height. With its modular construction, a pedestal can be further configured to suit your preferences, then easily changed again if the arrangement still doesn't meet your needs. Regardless of the number of components, a Dakota pedestal always provides unrivaled stability, durability, and performance.

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