Dakota Digitizer Workstation

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Complete Package: Dakota Digitizer Workstation

The Dakota digitizer workstation comes in two original configurations, but accessories can be added, as the workstations are modular. The XJ-1000A comes with one monitor arm that swivels 180 degrees to accommodate the movements of the user, who may sit or stand at various spots and still have a straight-on view of the monitor. The arm also slides for further subtle adjustments, and supports 14 to 27-inch monitors. A keyboard tray is part of the monitor arm; included is a computer shelf.

The XJ-1500A Dakota digitizer workstation builds on this configuration by adding a second monitor or printer arm. This CADD (computer-aided design/drafting) digitizer workstation is ideal for drafting purposes because of the variety of accessories that are at hand. Both pedestals have the characteristic Dakota adjustments in an attractive contemporary design.

Wide Range of Applications

Versatile, adaptable, adjustable, affordable--these workstations make comfortable work areas a part of your productive routine. These multiple-use stations complement your needs and your specific professional requirements. Whether sliding, swiveling, tilting, or adjusting up and down, a Dakota digitizer pedestal lends itself to many uses.

CAD (computer-aided design) pros will find Dakota pedestals perfect for drawing, digitizing, and computerizing their work. Desktop publishers can readily use their digitizers and computers to speed up the writing, editing, and publishing process. Digitized embroidery is very popular, and devotees of this avocation can save time and money by digitizing their own designs.

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