Dakota Pedestal

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Dakota Pedestal for Versatility

A Dakota pedestal is designed to adapt to the needs of professionals in many disciplines through its modular construction. If you require only the pedestal for your digitizer tablet, you get the same durability and adaptability that the complete workstations offer. The support board tilts from 0 to nearly 90 degrees, and adjusts in height from 28.5 to 44.5 inches.

A rack-and-pinion, gas spring mechanism lets you make these smooth, rapid adjustments with just a touch. There are no manual clamps that require holding while the height is lowered or raised. This is just one example of the flawless operation of any Dakota pedestal.

Well Thought-Out Design

These pedestals are designed and built by professionals who know what other professionals need in a workstation. Total adjustability means you can have your board tilted at various angles, depending on whether you are sitting or standing. It means you can swiftly change angles to catch a better light or get a better perspective on your work.

Nothing is arbitrary or awkward. Every accessory and support arm are designed to be as stable as the pedestal platform, so the entire Dakota digitizer pedestal is balanced. Even when being moved from one place to another, this equipment remains secure and firm. The locking and rolling casters are as high quality as the other components of these superior products.

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