Desktop Digitizers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Space-Saving Desktop Digitizers

Desktop digitizers might be assumed to have decreased performance along with their smaller size. This is certainly not the case, however, for some of the best digitizers on the market are able to fit on a desk or small table. High-performance tablets, boards, and pads can handle any work project regardless of the complexity. With digital accessories in the form of pens and styluses, these space-saving units provide high resolution and absolute precision.

CADPro immediately comes to mind. This is a small-format digitizer that comes with its own software, TemplateWorks. Together, these offer a powerful approach to the exacting demands of CAD, GIS, and graphic designers. Noted for its increased productivity, CADPro is a perfect example of the excellence of a desktop digitizer. It does not even need a power supply.

Tablets and Boards

Drawing Board III is another small-format unit that fits into the "desktop digitizers" category. This graphics tablet is a leader in the fields of CAD, GIS, and graphic arts. It has the distinction of being one of the best digitizers for using AutoCAD, and is one of the most popular digitizers for design and engineering.

SummaSketch III has won awards for its all-around excellence. An ergonomic tablet, it comes in two sizes, both convenient for desktop areas. It has broad compatibility with graphics software and is also compatible with DOS and Windows. If space is a major consideration, any of these fine digitizer products from GTCO Calcomp will perform superbly.

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