Digitizer Boards

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Variety of Digitizer Boards

Digitizer boards come in many sizes and have features geared to various disciplines. Large-format digitizers can handle projects requiring large surface areas that still have excellent resolution. Drawing Board IV by Calcomp has great accuracy and has the highest resolution available. This premier board is designed to fit myriad applications in many professions.

Drawing Board III Backlit, also by Calcomp, provides precision data for those who work with fine detail. It also is intended to provide outstanding results over a large area for those in architecture, engineering, textiles, mapping, and GIS. AccuTab II by GTCO is especially designed for the GIS professional who must have the highest level of data integrity in a large-format board.

Small-Format Digitizers

CADPro by Calcomp has to be among those small-format digitizer boards that rank highest among experts in their field. This desktop product is famous for its powerful performance that requires no power supply, and its accompanying software, TemplateWorks. Together, they enable the user to rapidly produce accurate, top-quality work. Drawing Board III, without the backlit feature, is a small-format graphics tablet meant for the exacting demands of professionals.

SummaSketch III by Summagraphics offers over 2,000 lines-per-inch resolution, and is compatible with DOS and Windows platforms. Although your work may be demanding, these various boards incorporate the most advanced technology. Full-featured and easy to use, they bring precision and increased productivity to your work.

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