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Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Premier Digitizer Company

A digitizer company known around the world for quality products is GTCO Calcomp. This corporation has been a leader in the high-tech world of digitizers and accessories since its founding in 1975. It remains the most prominent name in this field, and continues to manufacture new products to assist professionals in their demanding work.

The range of GTCO digitizer boards and specialized tablets is amazing. Whatever your discipline, this company designs products that are ergonomic and user-friendly. Their advanced technology is incorporated into each digitizer, and is meant to preclude manual calculations and to streamline the drawing/design process. These various configurations are perfectly suited to the exacting world of architects, engineers, surveyors, and GIS and CAD designers.

Products for Specialized Work

Construction estimating is a profession that demands precision, accuracy, and thorough analysis. GTCO's QuikRuler is an invaluable aid to estimators because it does not require a computer and so, can be used in the field. Portable, yet capable of computing complex and complicated measurements, this product saves considerable time for the estimator by turning out flawless figures rapidly.

For the CAD and GIS designer, GTCO manufactures a range of units that help these professionals measure three dimensions, develop designs for large buildings, and create artistic graphic designs. Freepoint 3D lets the user take the dimensions of an object with a comfortable hand-held probe. The InterWrite product family from this digitizer company permits interactive communication between teacher and students or meeting presenter and attendees.

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