Digitizer Pad

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Interactive Presentation Digitizer Pad

A digitizer pad offered by GTCO provides a memorable interactive experience for persons attending meetings and for students in the classroom. The InterWrite MeetingBoard allows the presenter to write notes, highlight, and draw onto the information on the board, and then email the additions to the attendees! The participants use wireless MeetingPads--up to seven pads can be in use simultaneously--to interact with the notations on the MeetingBoard.

Classroom versions are fabulous teaching tools! Enliven a biology lesson with interactive participation by students! Make math literally come alive with assistance from the class. The teacher's SchoolBoard and digitizer pens are connected to a computer and the students' wireless SchoolPads enable them to be full partners in each lesson.

The Wonder of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is the name of this technology that enables a digitizer pad to "talk" to another device without wires or cables. Infrared is one way of going wireless while still allowing electronic instruments to communicate--think of your remote control. Bluetooth, however, is a radio frequency technology that is also used in wireless instruments, and it has the advantages of being inexpensive and of eliminating the line-of-sight requirement of infrared.

Named for 10th-Century King Harald Bluetooth of Denmark, who unified that country and part of Norway, modern Bluetooth technology unifies disparate digitizer equipment--DVDs, satellite TV receivers, cell phones and their headsets--so they operate efficiently without physical connectors. The receivers for global positioning systems (GPS) are Bluetooth instruments. Used in everything from medical systems to stereo headsets to surveillance cameras to Apple's PowerBook, Bluetooth has truly revolutionized electronics.

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