Digitizer Pens

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Digitizer Pens Are Versatile

Digitizer pens enable your drawings to get from the hand and digitizer boards into the computer. A transducer--usually a pen stylus--converts energy from one form into another. In the case of digitizers, a transducer stores pressure and lines as image files or line segment coordinates. With each different type of pen, the versatility of a digitizer board or tablet increases.

GTCO Calcomp tablets and boards come with a transducer suitable to the particular digitizer. The CADPro offers options, as do most GTCO digitizers. The cordless transducer options include your choice of a four-button cursor, five-button mouse, click-tip pen, or pressure-tip pen. An ergonomic, programmable, 16-button cursor comes with the package.

Corded and Cordless

Companies such as GTCO design digitizers for the exacting demands of professions that require absolute precision, quick response to commands, and flawless execution. An essential element in this superior performance is the digitizer pens that help transform drawings into work product. Package options usually include selection of corded or cordless cursors and pens.

SummaSketch III by Summagraphics (Calcomp) is the award-winning digitizing tablet that is excellent for tracing, drawing, and illustrating. The tablet offers a choice of a corded or cordless two-button pen, four-button cursor, or 16-button cursor. Drawing Board III Backlit, a large-format digitizer, also offers choices: cordless or corded four-button or 16-button cursors, click-tip-pen with two side buttons, or pressure pen with two side buttons. It comes with a corded, illuminated, 16-button cursor.

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