Digitizer Tables

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Essential Digitizer Tables

Digitizer tables can be almost any type of flat-surfaced desk or table if the digitizer is small enough--desktop or roll-up. Neither the desktop CADPro nor the Roll-Up II requires much room in order to perform well.

There are digitizer stands and pedestals on the market ranging from manual to fully-automatic. Care must be taken to get adequate support in a manual drafting base; it is not suitable for 44 x 60-inch digitizers or for the DrawingBoard III Backlit and Surface-lit AccuTabs.

Dakota Pedestals

The premium brand for digitizer support is Dakota. Made of heavy-gauge steel, these pedestals have smooth rack-and-pinion adjustments to accommodate the user's height and working stance. The tilt of the digitizer tables ranges from 0 to almost 90 degrees, and the monitor arms slide to get the best positioning.

Dakota manual pedestals will support all 44 x 60-inch digitizers, and take up no more room than the larger digitizers do. In fact, the XJ-1000A workstation has a footprint of only 10.5 square feet. The superior workstations are modular, which means you can add such accessories as monitor/printer arms as you wish. These tables provide solid, stable support for all types of professional work in the CAD, GIS, estimating, and desktop publishing fields.

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