Digitizer Tablet

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Digitizer Tablet for Latest Technology

A digitizer tablet brings the best technology to fields such as engineering in which absolute accuracy is essential. These tablets, also called graphics tablets, enable the user to draw new images or trace old ones with a transducer. A transducer is any implement that converts one form of energy into another form, for instance, from a magnetic field to an electrical field.

In the case of tablets, the transducer is a pen stylus that is used for the actual drawing by hand on the tablets, or digitizer boards. As the user presses the pen on the tablet surface, the drawn lines are converted into an image file and sent to the computer, where a corresponding drawing appears. If you remember your high school geometry, you'll understand that the drawing you create on the tablet is stored as a series of x and y coordinates before it is recreated on the computer screen.

Magical, But Not Magic

What a boon for graphic artists, who can speed up the process of producing advertisements or other work for clients! Engineers and architects can now trace extremely detailed drawings and plans with perfect precision. A digitizer tablet is the epitome of applied science and technology that enable many different professionals to speedily turn out top-quality work.

Every one of us enters many buildings in the course of a week; we attend games in sports stadiums. We live in a house. Maybe we are able to go to the local park several times a week. All these and more are the result of computer-aided design (CAD) that measures area, perimeter, and volume for the contractor, architect, or engineer.

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