Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Paperless World of Digitizers

Digitizers bring a streamlined accuracy to a multitude of endeavors and professions. Pencil-and-paper operations are reduced or eliminated as manual spreadsheets and calculations become unnecessary. If you need precision data input, high resolution, and swift measurements, consider digital implements to kick your projects into high gear.

What does it mean to "digitize"? What is "digital," anyway? Although "digital" has become more or less synonymous with "computer," they are not the same entity. Digitizing is the process of changing an image or signal into digital (binary) code so that image or signal can be stored as mathematical line segments in a computer. No paper needed!

Amazing Applications

An amazing array of digitizer equipment has revolutionized the construction, design, textile, engineering, and architectural fields. Used in classrooms by teachers to add eye-catching graphics to lessons, and by mapping experts to gain pinpoint accuracy in their products, digitizer boards, pens, tables and other accouterments have enabled professionals to take their performance to another level. Anyone who relishes or needs perfect duplication--even after the trillionth copy!--should consider the incredible benefits of digital processing.

Digital processing enables the creation of flawless reproductions of sound, text, and graphics. Digitizers allow artists and construction estimators alike to measure an object or area, store the information digitally, and generate the desired end product without tedious sketching or calculations. You can save time, labor--and money--with digital devices.

So Easy to Use

The process may appear complex, but these digitizing products couldn't be easier to set up and configure. Digitizer boards and tablets are compatible with DOS, Windows, and/or Macintosh platforms. Many are plug-and-play design, have easily installed drivers, and have RS-232 and USB interfaces.

Drawing boards come with your choice of pointing instrument--just don't call it a mouse! You can select the device that best serves your purposes: cordless or corded four-button or 16-button cursors, click-tip pen, or pressure pen. With ergonomic design and user-friendly prompts, these digitizers make your professional life a lot easier.

Increase Productivity

Any professional who turns out a product--maps, graphic designs, construction estimates--understands that time is, indeed, money. If you can work faster and better, with more precision and reliability, then you have the edge on the competition. With a superior product created in a shorter time period, you not only increase productivity, but your income as well!

Digitizers are technological miracles that allow you to put your professional energy into being creative--daydreaming, planning, contemplating. Digitizers push the boundaries of the possible in implementing your creativity if you are a CAD (computer-aided design) designer. They offer supreme data integrity for GIS (geographic information systems) professionals. Regardless of your area of expertise, digital products take care of the labor-intensive aspects and leave you to more rewarding ventures.

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